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I have been thinking on a means on the way best to RuneScape

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I have been thinking on a means on the way best to RuneScape

Post by wfuuopy » Fri Apr 09, 2021 3:43 pm

Suggestion. All of thesummoning altars are out of RuneScape gold the way at the moment, Taverly fairly close but its not convienent. I say we ought to include altars to summoning that just recover summoning points, enableing gamers to keep those points up. These are called Totems. (fakes will come if support is provided )

Well I have been thinking on a way on the way best to have one pvp wilderness and try RWT to not gain from it. Then 1 morning I woke up and it struck me, why not reward players for killing others with non-tradable products? My thought is sort of like a minigame in which you can win rewards by points/tickets. The minigame(The Coliseum) will be located to the west of bounty hunter in the wilderness and it is going to have teleport to it that is awarded as a reward for playing it (this is discussed further below).

There'll be two exits/entrances, one at the north side and another in the southwest. At the south entrance will be an npc (Roman Guard) who sells coliseum tickets for 1k each and additionally deals tickets for benefits. The tickets and armor can not be resold to the npc therefore be careful how much you purchase. The Coliseum is divided into 4 parts Everything under the blue line is level 1 wild (you can just attack players that are within 1 level of your battle ), below the green is level two, below the brown is level 3 and over the brown is level 4.

To put in the Coliseum you will require atleast 10 tickets along with maximum 75 tickets (max will change if more weapons/armor are introduced in runescape). Any armor/weapons/items will be permitted into the Coliseum. This is a secure minigame and if you die you won't lose anything except for the tickets.

Based on the amount of tickets you have you will be permitted to bring in greater demand armor/weapons in the Coliseum. The greatest defense/attack/strength/range/magic prerequisites of the item will justify the amount of tickets are needed to bring it inside (ex. To deliver an Abyssal Whip in, you'll want to have 70 tickets . -- If you attract armor which doesn't have a requirement or is below level 10, you will still have to bring in 10 tickets so people do not only move in over and buy old school rs gold over again.

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