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Pet Taxi Singapore

Busy? Worry about your furkids? Going for vacations? Having problem to get a transport to events or clinic? Lovely pet become an angel, and need to find cremation service? Discussion of service provided or needs.
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Pet Taxi Singapore

Postby pettaxisg » Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:13 pm

Hello pet owners!!!

I've just launched a new pet taxi service in Singapore at http://pet-taxi.sg. I realized how difficult it must be for pet owners to bring their dogs around if they do not have a car. You can't bring pets on board of MRTs or buses, so simple things like going to the groomer can get pretty troublesome. Our rates start from $40 onwards, and we sincerely want to help pet owners have better lives in Singapore. Thanks for reading this. Do head over to pet-taxi.sg if you want to find out more! We have a really simple booking system set up on our website and you just need to enter the basic information of your trip. Alternatively, you can call at +65 9487 5276~

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