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Bukit Batok Dog rescue - Pls Help Apollo If You Can

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Bukit Batok Dog rescue - Pls Help Apollo If You Can

Post by SingaporePets » Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:31 pm

Helping to Circulate....... to help poor Apollo

Update 22 Oct '14 evening (night): Update is similar to morning's - he's eating well, peeing and pooing (not as frequent as normal but that is to be expected, may improve in the coming days). Apollo will be taken off pain relief soon as he seemed to be recovering quite well. (: Cannot be discharged yet as his head wound is still extensive and requires alot of cleaning. We are sorry but we have checked with the clinic and they prefer that the location remains confidential at the moment because they are unable to manage influx of phone calls and visitors. Please leave me your contact details if you have any concerns about visiting Apollo. Thanks and we seek your understanding on this matter. We have verified most of the donations and have published the names of donors in this album. There are a number of transactions that we cannot match a name to so if you don't see your name being reflected, please let us know. If you would like to stay anonymous, we respect that too. We truly appreciate the generosity towards Apollo thus far - thank you very very much.

Update 22 Oct '14 (morning): We got a verbal update from the clinic that Apollo is eating well. Still removing pus and dead skin from the head wound, parts of the edge is dying off, which is to be expected. But overall wound looks good. Vet also said Apollo was well-behaved during cleaning of his wounds, which takes 45 minutes - he just sits there without moving much. This is good news - we think that Apollo should be recovering really well!

Update 21 Oct '14: This is overdue but we were too busy to update the album because we are all working full-time. Thanks for your patience. A quick update because we read the anxious comments and wanted to inform you guys that Apollo's surgery was successful. Dead tissue removed and his head wound stitched up as much as it could be. He was weak, did not want to move when we visited him last evening (because of the pain, I think), but we were told that he ate 3 bowls of kibbles. That's a good sign. He continued to improve today, based on the verbal update given by the vet. We did not visit him today as we were really caught up with work and more importantly, did not want to disturb Apollo's rest. As mentioned earlier, we have yet to get the final bill because his treatment is ongoing. We did place a 2.5K deposit on Sunday and I have the receipt for that - will post it up when I get home from work. Ok, regarding the name and location of the clinic, we are withholding the information because we want to seek the clinic's permission first. The clinic has specifically told us that they would not allow visitors unless they (visitors) are accompanied by us. This is to prevent a number of inconveniences and we respect their policy. We will be checking with the clinic if it's okay to let you guys know, tomorrow, if yes we will update. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of whatever you are reading here, do withhold your donation. You can also leave your contact and I will personally make a call to address any concerns that you have. You can also contact the bigger AWGs who have shared our album - to verify the authenticity. Thanks!

19 October '14 - This is a really heartbreaking rescue that I assisted in last weekend. Apollo, also known as Hua Hua, was a dog living at the hill next to Bukit Batok MRT. I was informed of his condition last Monday (13th) and began to look for him. When we first found him (16 Oct), he had a massive head wound spanning the most part of his head. He must have been living with the wound for at least 3 weeks, yet nobody helped him. Imagine the pain that he must be in... it was unbearable.

We engaged Vincent to help and after hours of staking out the location on Saturday night, Vincent successfully trapped him on Sunday (19th) and rushed him to a veterinary clinic for emergency attention. His condition has deteriorated really badly as maggots had eaten away his skull, his flesh and may have affected the vision in his right eye. There were also two other maggots wounds on his scrotum area. The festering of dead tissue was so bad that you could smell from 6 feet away. He had just undergone surgery to remove the dead tissue and remaining burrowing maggots.

He is now at the vet and we are monitoring his condition closely.

Timeline of events

Monday night (13 Oct): I received a call regarding a severely injured dog with it's "face caved in". Was told that SPCA went to the site but couldn't get the dog (please PM me for details). One other volunteer, Chandra, went to locate the dog late at night but could not find him too.

Wednesday night: Volunteer Jason went to the site to locate the dog. Despite spending two hours there, he did not catch sight of the dog.

Thursday 5 - 9pm: I went down to site and managed to talk to feeders. Feeders aware of the wound. Spotted the dog at 7pm, followed him but to no avail. Finally got a first hand look at the wound - it was shockingly massive and raw. I knew he needed emergency vet attention.

Saturday 6 - 11pm: Engaged Vincent and other volunteers to help locate and retrieve the dog. Dog spotted twice but couldn't be trapped. By Saturday the wound had festered into a mass of grey necrotic tissue and was overpoweringly pungent. Dog appeared weak. We feared we only have one more chance before we lost the dog to infection.

Sunday 6 - 10pm: Staked out the site but did not see dog at all. We were on the verge of leaving as trapper had another assignment. At that moment, the dog went out of the fence and lay down on the grass (maybe to seek human help?). After verifying that he was indeed the injured one, volunteers moved into positions to restrict the dog's escape routes. Vincent quickly trapped the dog with a net when he saw the chance. Rushed the dog to the clinic and made it there before closing hour. Dog is christened Apollo and given emergency treatment of antibiotics, drips and non-sterile surgery.

The estimated treatment cost for Apollo in the immediate weeks is around $4,000 and yes, we would definitely appreciate some help. If it is in the form of donations, monies would have to be transferred to us as the clinic do not accept direct donations for Apollo. We will account for the donations clearly and will also post up receipts. Thank you!

***Update 21 Oct '14 1235pm: Sorry for omitting the account details but we just sorted it out! Donations for Apollo's medical fees can be made to these accounts.

To Jason Huang (one of the rescuers):
POSB Savings 109501336
UOB IAccount 3583036510

Please take note of transaction ID and screenshot the transfer (or keep the receipt) if possible. If it's via ibanking, please inform the iB nick. Thank you!

(Admin update: list of volunteers for contact purposes - Tiger Scofield Yang, Jason Huang, Sharon Ng)


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