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Pet boarding at $10/day!

Busy? Worry about your furkids? Going for vacations? Having problem to get a transport to events or clinic? Lovely pet become an angel, and need to find cremation service? Discussion of service provided or needs.
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Pet boarding at $10/day!

Postby aprilsnow01 » Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:49 am

Going overseas and looking for a place to board your pets? Worrying about overcrowded boarding houses/hotels! Rest assured as our house boarding service provides the perfect vacation home for your pet while you enjoy your trip peacefully!

Our one pet boarding policy means we only board one owner's pet at a time to prevent overcrowding, spread of diseases or fights. Boarding is only at $10/day!

Please provide cage and food or shower equipment if you want me to shower your pet :)

Pet delivery service available as well if you find it inconvenient to bring your pet over in public 

$50/trip (North East regions)

$70/trip (North region, East region, Central region, South region, West region to Clementi)

$100/trip (North West region, West region beyond Clementi)

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