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How to Upload Video in Your Posting

Short introduction of yourself & your pets to get know more of fellow lovers.
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How to Upload Video in Your Posting

Post by Snoopy » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:29 pm

You can upload Video from Facebook Page or YouTube page.

Let say we want to upload this video which is found on our Singaporepets's Facebook

Click on the "Facebook Button" you see in the posting box.

Copy the link of the video from facebook

And insert in-between
[Facebook].........Paste Link.........[/Facebook]

For Video from Youtube
Click on the "Youtube Button" in the posting box

Copy the Link of the video in Youtube and Insert in-between

[YouTube]....Paste Link......[/YouTube]

You can use preview the message before submitting your posting to see how your posting will look like and adjust to your satisfactory.
Have Fun!!!! :D :D :D

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