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Anti tick and flea product

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Anti tick and flea product

Post by Jokimlu » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:50 pm

Hi we are currently distributing an anti tick and flea product called Clochette. It produces ultrasonic waves to repel ticks and fleas. Its a hot seller in countires like Taiwan, China, Usa and Malaysia and it has finally arrived in Singapore. Its worth the purchase as this product can last 6-8 months and can be reused just by replacing the batteries. We have already sold over 80 pieces to SG's Poodle Club and we are hoping to sell to more people :)
For more information you can email us at Clochettesingapore@gmail.com or visit our facebook @facebook.com/clochettesingapore

Isabella F
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Re: Anti tick and flea product

Post by Isabella F » Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:43 am

Here are some of the simple home remedies you can use for flea and tick problems.
I have just cured a flea infestation and this is what I did.
First, give your animals a good flea bath. Then treat them with a good flea repellent such as Frontline,or Revolution. Treat your house with a good quality of flea bombs. Make sure to take up pet dishes, water, aquariums, etc, or anything that could be contaminated.
Treat your yard. This is very important. I went to Home Depot and got flea granuels to spread in the yard. The employee that helped me told me not to get the spray because it sits on the grass and doesn't get into the soil very well. The next day I bombed my house with the flea bombs again just to make sure I got them all. I got rid of my flea infestation, but all of these things need to be done the same time, or at least as quickly as you can get them done. Do not do one thing today, and wait until tomorrow to spray the yard. It all has to be done about the same time. Good luck .
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