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There is a lot to get through

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There is a lot to get through

Post by Smarthuiyuan » Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:28 pm

Attempt to climb it but your personality can not grasp it. A message will appear stating"Only Ghosts... May. . . (Side Note: You do not have to use the robes once within the crypt but when wearing them Damis' prayer drain speed is cut in half.) Take the Ghostly Set and get your sanctity to 100 percent and use a piece of it together with the sacred fire to OSRS gold acquire a ghostly peice(e). You must now do this on again till you get a complete set of educated ghostly robes. Now stock up on prayer potions( Around 24) and get ready for a lengthy fight. Enter the Crypt and run beyond the level-110 Zombies and open the gate. You should now be in a room filled with level-128 ghosts. Run past them and start the gates, you are currently in Damis' Crypt.

All that's in there's a coffin. Open up the coffin and it'll explode dealing 20 damage to you along with the level-100 Damis will attack you. His first form can not drain your prayer. Once you kill him he will dissolve into a shadow and then look again as his second more powerful level-200 form. ( the second and first forms look like the original Damis out of DT pt1).

After murdering him he'll, like his first form, dissolve into the shadows. Out of this shadow will come his 3rd form. This monstrosity strikes twice and may hit up to 40 damage. Also on his 3rd type his body releases toxic fums which poisen you coping 10 poisen and can only be healed with super anti posisen. After you kill his 3rd form he'll fall two things, the world of shadow and Damis' remains, take them Both!!!!!

Run out of the gate, the shadow warriors will accompany, keep running till your up the ladder (Huge Note: A strong aura lingers in the crypt, and that means you can not teleport out.) The ladder will disappear. Imediatly lender the orb and corpse or else a level-653 vengful spirit of Damis will attack you. After banking congradulations you have one of those four orbs. Proceed to Ape Atoll and speak to Awowogei about the Spheres of all Orien. He will tell you that he is in posession of the Sphere of Smoke. Ask if you can get it and he will barter a transaction with you. Ask what it is and in reaction he'll inform you that he knows you are a human and he will grant you the sphere and Cheap RS gold the capability to be a person on his mighty island. Request what you must do, and he will inform you of a insane mage called Munju who's terrorizing the citizens of Marim. Become human and talk to him again.

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