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Urinary Problem

Any health related: Vaccination, skin, heartworms, flea and ticks etc. How to take care of sick pet, how to feed medication. Where and what to get the proper equipment/medical to help your sick pet. Introducing clinic and doctors and service provided.
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Urinary Problem

Post by Snoopy » Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:02 pm

An Article to Share with regards to urinal issue
http://www.singaporepets.com.sg/story-1 ... INENCE.htm

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Re: Urinary Problem

Post by NewBurnM97 » Fri May 06, 2022 11:46 am

Just want to share something that happened to our cat: It was summer when we noticed that our Persian cat was struggling to pee and when he did, blood would come out. We immediately rushed him to Advanced VetCare and we were told that he might have urinary tract infection because it's common in the summer, or it might be due to stress since our cat is purely an indoor cat and the stress may be caused by his want but inability to mate. After an ultrasound we found he had bladder stones that would be needed to be removed via a catheter. We went ahead with the catheter, which my cat needed to wear (with ecollar) for 7 days. We asked if we could confine our cat but the vet said no because it might be too stressful to be in a new environment. The vet gave us instructions on how to take care of our pet, how to flush the catheter, how to give meds, etc. After 7 days we returned to the clinic for another round of blood test, urinalysis and ultrasound and to have the catheter removed. Thankfully the treatment was okay and our cat is peeing normally again.

We're very thankful for the vets at AVC for the appropriate treatment, though we were told that our cat needed to be neutered so this won't happen again. From the experience I learned that with pets, urinary problems are not so simple and so we should be aware to prevent them or have them treated asap.

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